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Quick Start

Tap "New Video" on the Home screen

Enter a Prompt ( or Skip to create script manually)

Feel Free to use the example prompts to try the App.

Choose script duration

Please note that this changes the length of the script with an estimate of how long the AI voice takes to read.

Review Script

Review the script and edit it. From here you can also change the default voice & video orientation

Tap Generate

When Done, Tap Generate. The Video Will be generated in about 5 Minutes


Making the most of VideoRobot AI

What Languages do you support?

Video Robot AI currently only supports English

My video is taking too long to generate

Video Generation usially takes about 5 minutes. If your video is taking longer it could be due to several reasons. We could be experiencing more load then usual. You choose a topic with hard-to-find stock or there's an error. If your video takes more than an hour please feel free to get in touch with us.

The Generated video has random Stock Footage

If your script covers an unusual topic, we might not find stock footage that aligns with it. This happens especially if you mention brand names, video game names or real person names. To avoid this try to keep your scripts generic. If you still wish to proceed, when the video is done, tap 'edit' and import your own stock videos.

How do tokens work?

Each action that requires AI assistance requires tokens. This is indicated by a token number on buttons like "Generate". When signing up for the first time you get some free tokens to try the app. To see the exact price of tokens tap the token button on the top left of the main screen.

Why is it not Free?

AI Video Editing Algorithms require resources such as computing power, data storage, and ongoing maintenance to ensure reliable and high-quality performance. These resources come at a cost, which is why there is a fee associated with AI actions.

Edit Videos

If you don't like the video footage our AI choose, you can change them by tapping 'Edit'. Our AI will generate a currated list of other stock footages that you can choose from

You can also add your own custom videos. To do this choose a section that you wish to change the video footage of, scroll to the end of the list and tap "OTHER FOOTAGE"

Does and Dont's

Write Script in English

Video Robot AI currently only supports English

Avoid Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate or Offensive content is against our policy.

Limited Stock Footage

We make use of Free Stock Footage on the web to edit your video. Scripts on less common subjects might not have corresponding stock footage available for editing with Free Stock Footage.